Wanda is a leader who has the ability to really take a 360 degree look at wellness. She is sensitive to the strengths and challenges that are unique to each individual. This requires sensitivity, commitment, and the ability to listen to each person’s unique life journey and how that impacts overall wellness.

Wanda has inspired me to look at wellness more broadly and to approach wellness from a position of strength. It is sometimes easy to dwell on the challenges, but Wanda highlights the strengths and how to use those strengths to propel forward and gain momentum toward wellness.

Having gone through an extremely busy time in life, Wanda was able to listen to a concern I had about my impact on the environment and how the environment connects directly to my own personal health. Wanda was able to help me with strategies to impact the environment in my own home. It was a baby step, but she realized I needed a simple plan, something that did not overwhelm me. This small baby step is now moving me to address other challenges that impact my overall wellness. Once again, Wanda has been there to celebrate my successful baby steps and now is guiding me toward improved wellness in other areas of my life. Thanks Wanda!!!

Julie-MO, Nurse


I love love the Vitality Essential Nutrition Pack. I’ve been taking the AM/PM packs for 2 weeks and already feel a difference. I have more energy, my digestion has improved, and overall feel more vibrant.

Last month I took the multivitamin & mineral, CardioOmega EPA, and Calcium complete and felt great. I’m so happy I decided to buy the Essential Nutrition Pack because it’s adds another perfect mix of much needed daily nutrients.

Crystal, Illinois

Since I have been taking these Vitamins, my brain feels more alert, and I am more attentive to daily tasks whether it is at work or home. This in turn gives me a feeling have more organization in my life, productivity, and contentment since I am not procrastinating to get a job done.

Kay- NV, Simulation Director 

We’ve really been enjoying the access & attain bars as well as the fiber wise & attain powder! We just started using the renew lotion & can honestly say, we really love the products. Thank you for introducing us to these products.

Timothy & Renee, Arizona

My favorite products are the vitamins, supplements and access bars.

I started out taking the Vitality for 50+ women back in March 2014. I also started taking the Replenex Extra Strength. I suffer with a lot of joint and muscle pain. Since I have been taking these products, my body feels so much better. I must say that I have also changed my diet and have began to exercise. Therefore, prior to my workout, I have an access bar.

I must say at 50 I am feeling the best I have in years! I give credit to my cousin, Wanda Parks, for introducing me and helping me change my store.

Rhonda, Texas