I believe that everyone should have wellness in every area of their live. The problem is many people get caught up in their day to day hustle and do not totally live the life that God has planned for them.

I was guilty of doing just that, living the day to day hustle and not fulfilling total wellness. Then an opportunity was presented to me that now allows me to achieve total wellness in every area.

I have identified 5 Pillars that has assisted me in achieving total wellness:

Spiritual Pillar: Meditation or prayer before starting the day, and at bedtime this gives our spirit a break from the fast night and cleansing our spirit from our busy day.
Mental Pillar: Having a right mindset by being grateful for things that has happened throughout your day. Also, looking for the good in every situation, and having a positive attitude. Write 3 things you are grateful for at dinner and share with your family this allows great conversation at dinner and bringing the family together.
Physical Pillar: Keeping active, you only need to walk for 30 mins a day or 45 mins three times a week. Exercise releases endorphins that aids in our mental health. It also keeps our joints from becoming stiff and preventing muscle shrinkage. Also, taking an amazing supplement that provides joint protection and energy.
Social Pillar: This is an important pillar that many do not realize the value. when our social wellness is not intact we may isolated ourselves from society. when that happens we are not allowing ourselves to grow and be all that we were destined to become.
Financial Pillar: Having a financial plan and keeping on track with a budget prevents you from living above your means and stressing about residual bills. Instead build a residual income.
These five Pillars work together to balance you. When a pillar is weak or missing you begin to tilt and your entire well-being become at risk. Are any of your pillars weak or missing?

Are you wanting to achieve total wellness where you can enjoy your family, have more energy, time and financial freedom?

Turn your health into WEALTH and gain the financial and time freedom you desire. check out our one of kind wellness experience CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!!

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Have a Blessed and Wellness Day

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Julie July 17, 2016 at 4:35 pm

Great post Wanda! I read it before, but today the financial component jumped out to me. You had a book under your resources I just ordered. Also, I have been saving for an anticipated car need. My old car is still running great, but thanks to you I have a good bit saved when it does go into a non-fixable type of condition. Thanks Wanda!


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