Rest vs Sleep

Sleep vs Rest Who Wins?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you go to bed early and wake up feeling even more tired and exhausted? You tell yourself I went to sleep early and now you are a grumpy person the entire day… Although we use these words interchangeably, there is a difference between sleep and rest

What is SLEEP?

Our internal clock lets us know it is dark out side and our melatonin increase which cause us to know it is time to sleep. However, we may lie in bed close our eyes and feel our bodies drift off. But one thing that may not have occurred is we have not shut off our minds.  Our minds are racing on all the day’s events and the future events to come (work, kids, school, bills, etc.…) which is causing us not to fully rest.

When the sun starts to rise your internal clock lets you know it is time to get up. Your eyes open and you wonder why I am still tired?  And you say to yourself I could sleep a few more hours.  Your body is tired and feels like a ton of brick are on you while you try to get that one leg and foot out of bed.

Studies show we need at least-10 hours of sleep and you may go to bed at a decent hour to acquire those 8 to 9 hours but you awake without any energy.  Again, you did not rest.  When you sleep and do not obtain the proper rest your body may do some of the required repairing and cellular rejuvenation but not at the optimal level as it could have achieved if you had rested.  This photo shows how our biological clock works.


Photo by:” Biological clock human” by NoNameGYassineMrabetTalk✉

What is REST?

Resting is letting all of the day’s worries go. Rest is a mental or spiritual calm; tranquility. You clear you mind and let your body find its oneness.  Resting helps your body heal and rejuvenate. (muscle, mind, aging, cellular repair etc.…) Resting is crucial to our overall wellness.

In order to obtain proper rest, we must rest our minds.  Our minds are like a canvas for our thoughts. When our thoughts are racing so fast we clutter the canvas and loose the beauty of what we were trying to create.  We must Maintain the healthy body that GOD has given us.

You may be one that suffer from restless nights. What is a restless night? It’s a night where you toss and turn during your sleep and what is happening is your mind is racing clouding the canvas.  So, you then awake and feel like you haven’t slept at all. This may go on for days or weeks or it may occur several times in a month.

What brings this on?

STRESS, but how do we usually handle these restless nights many of us run to a sleep aid. If you are one of those you take sleep aids 2-3 times a week then you are not resting and your well-being is being affected.

Dangers of not Resting and Sleeping properly

Your body cannot rejuvenate as it is intended to do for proper functioning.  When you do not have proper rest you are endangering yourself and those around you.

  • Driving-you are at a greater risk of accidents.
  • Cooking-will lead to burning food or causing a fire and
  • Workplace-depending on the type of work you do it can cause detrimental effects to others indirectly. if you work in manufacturing plant and you are not rested you miss something and the item is sent out to the population and someone accrues that item you were assigned to and its defective.


5-TIPS: To obtaining proper rest when you fall asleep.

  1. A non-habit forming sleep aid if you choose to take one. (something with melatonin)
  1. Meditation-10 easy tips to a calmer mind
  1. Relaxing music to accompany your meditation
  1. Turn off and put away TV, iPad, computer bright alarm clock when it is bed time. Exposure to bright artificial light in the late evening can disrupt your internal clock process
  1. Place a drop of lavender on your pillow. Lavender is relaxing.



I hope you have found value in this information. Please comment and share.

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Terry Caradine February 23, 2016 at 12:14 am

This is my issue. I’m still tired after a long nights sleep. I’ll try these tips to see if they help.

wanda February 23, 2016 at 11:33 pm

Yes, the diffusing of EO really helps. We offer pure oils at a fraction of the cost. Lavender is my favorite. I hope you enjoy the other post on the site. To your restful nights. Wanda


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