3 Simple Steps to Successful Wellness Goal

The New Year is upon us and we all make some kind of resolution/goal whether its business or personal.  Why is it that we can never complete the resolution? Do you go stagnant, forget what you resolved or was it just something you did for fun. If you are serious about the resolution you are about to set in the next few days I want to share with you 3 simple steps to help you go down success lane instead of failure drive.

Step 1: D=Date

What and how does date pertain to my success? Well, the first thing we do is we  orally tell eveblank calendar2ryone our resolution or goal and we are so excited for this and it only last about 7-14 days.  After that it begins to fade. The reason being is that we forgot to add the “Date” behind the resolution/goal.  Every goal or resolution we set, we MUST set a date as to when we want to achieve this goal. This will allow us to kee our focus. Without a date we can get distracted and loose our focus. This is why some never complete their New Years resolutions or their personal business goals.

Step 2: S=Steps


agenda steps2

Once we create that goal and have the date set as to when we are going to achieve the goal; We need a road map. In order, to achieve this road map we need write the steps on what it takes to achieve the goal.  When we drive and use our GPS it gives us the step by step turn to get to our destination. If we do not have the steps written out we are not doing the activities we need to accomplish the goal/resolution we have set. We instead are doing something but this may not be assisting us to getting to our goal by the date we have set which leads us to becoming frustrated and not meeting the goal/resolution.

Step 3: A=Action


The final step I believe is the most crucial is “Action” because without action the date, and steps are just a take_action dream and

dreaming never propels us to where we want to go. Any thing we do and want to do in life takes action. If you want to go to school, look for employment etc…you need action. You cannot sit on the couch and expect to get your degree, propel your business, or loose weight while eating popcorn and watching TV.  So, remember in the next few days to put D-S-A  to work and see how this will help you meet that resolution and business goal for the year.  I hope you found value in these three simple steps and put them into action to take you on your road to success.

Now, in my book The Wellness Lifestyle I talk about six-areas of wellness. Which direction is your wellness desisre?

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So, the main take away to achieving your wellness goals successfully is putting these 3 simple steps into action.  I would love to hear how you are doing.

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Have a Blessed and Wellness day

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Julie December 14, 2015 at 12:10 am

Excited to hear about the new product, nutratherm. Might be just the ticket for a healthier, slimmer 2016!

wanda February 23, 2016 at 11:35 pm

Julie you can achieve your 2016 goals. I am here to motivate and coach you through it… To your wellness. Wanda


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