ATTITUDE; DOES IT AFFECT YOUR WELLBEING? 3 Tips to Enhance your Attitude


Zig Ziglar said too, Attitude determines your Altitude? I have to agree, it surely does.  Your Attitude, can also affects your wellbeing which also affects your altitude.

Your attitude impacts you in ways many don’t even realize.  A negative attitude hinders us in several areas of our lives. One that is very important is our wellness. If your wellness is not up to par then you cannot reach the altitude that you so desire.

When you cannot reach your goals or desires your attitude may become negative, you become discouraged and you may begin to blame others as to why you cannot reach your goals.  One can only reach their high-test level of potential when you have the right attitude.

I want to share with you 3 tips to help you improve your attitude and help you reach the altitude you desire.


-Good Nights Rest

Resting your mind after a hards day work helps your body regenerate itself.  Read an affirmation before bed or listen something positive.  Turn off lights, don’t use computers, diffuse lavender essential oil to help with relaxation.

-Positive Thinking

There is lot of people talking about mindset and attitude and how your mindset changes your persecutive on what you can achieve. Positive thinking makes you feel good and when you feel good you can look for the good throughout your day. You can also read an affirmation, or meditate before starting your day. I like to start my day off with prayer and the statement, I have the favor of God.  This statement helps me when things don’t seem to go the way i want I know God Favor is working for me.

-Personal Development

As you grow and build your personal development your attitude will allow you to rise to new heights and new levels.  Take an assessment of yourself and find the area in your life you want to go grow, don’t be afraid to develop that area of your life.  Yes, it will cost you and it will be well worth it in the end.

GRAB your PEN and PAPER:  My Questions to you are these; 

What are you doing today to enhance your attitude? Is what you are doing today changing someones life? Is your ATTITUDE positive or negative? Does your ATTITUDE help someone or hinder someone?  Now reflect on your answers and make decision.


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Have a Blessed and Wellness Daysmiley-innocent

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