Financial Wellness: What it is and how it Affects you

In order to really experience true wellness in our lives, we need to address a big stressor that affects nearly everyone. That stressor is Financial Wellbeing. Not because we all want fancy cars or big houses, but because we must have ample finances to survive. Like it or not, the world runs on a financial economy. So, you may not have the best finances right now. That’s ok. The first step in financial wellness is starting.

What is financial wellness?

Simply put, if you do not have enough money to maintain your lifestyle, your finances are not well. If you are in debt, you are probably stressed and maybe even depressed. Both of these things greatly impact your financial wellness. It’s time to eliminate financial stress once and for all.

The stress of debt

When you have debt, you are considered to be financially unwell, which could lead to lack of wellness in other areas of your life. When you don’t have ample funds, you probably won’t be shopping at your local health food stores. This thought alone may steer you towards unhealthy habits if you are not careful. Do not go straight for the Ramen! Grocery shopping on a budget will take a little bit more planning, but stocking up on the cheap-low cost foods will only make matters worse.

When you are in debt, it not only affects your well-being, but your loved ones’ as well. The strain of having debt takes a toll on your relationships with loved-ones, your children, and your friends. Don’t let your financial stress bleed into theirs too. Suggest activities with your friends that don’t involve money. Go for a hike. Take a free yoga class in the park. I encourage you to do the same with your family and loved-ones.

What do I do if I am financially unwell?

First, don’t stress. It doesn’t have to be this way forever. Make it your mission to dig yourself out of the hole and come out on top. Set a budget, evaluate your spending, and don’t lose sight of your goal… to be financially well! Take baby steps! Dave Ramsey’s Peace University  is a great program to assist you to get your financial wellness intact.

I have also attached a budget worksheet to this post to help get you started. When you achieve financial wellness, you will be able to do the things that you long to do without stressing yourself out financially. Don’t wait another day to get started towards your personal financial freedom.

Download your Budget Worksheet HERE

To Your Wellness

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